Australians turn to new US ‘double chin’ treatment to boost self-confidence

SYDNEY, 21 MARCH 2017 – Australian men and women are following their US counterparts and opting for Kybella(1), a new, non-surgical treatment that reduces the look of a ‘double chin’ to create sleeker, better defined facial features.

Recent global studies suggest that over half of women (55%(2)) and 40% of men(2), are bothered by fullness under the chin, or a ‚double chin’, with many changing their behaviour to hide the problem.

35% of people admit to shying away from photos, and 35% avoid video chats and conference calls because they are self-conscious about their double chin. 29% of men admit to growing a beard to hide the under chin area.

Globally, almost three quarters (74%) of women said they make the effort to look good primarily for themselves(2), with 42% saying that when considering cosmetic surgery, boosting their self-confidence was just as important to them as improving sagging skin(3).

Developed in the US, Kybella(1) is a new ‘double chin’ treatment requiring no surgical intervention. Fat cells under the chin are reduced through two to four quick injections spaced over a six to eight week period with no downtime required.

In Australia, the cosmetic industry is worth an estimated $1 billion annually(4) with facial procedures among the most popular treatments.


Medical Director at Cosmetic MD, Dr Herbert Hooi is one of the first medical practitioners in Australia to offer the Kybella treatment at his Sydney based clinic.

„Until recently, the main treatment option for the ‚double chin’ was surgical liposuction. But Kybella requires no surgery with only a few simple injections. Both men and women are having this treatment to achieve a more defined and sleeker chin and neck area,” Dr Hooi explains.

„Treatment takes just 30 minutes, so patients experience no downtime and can return to normal activities and work straight away.”


„For many of our patients, the plump area under the chin or a ‚double chin’ can cause them stress and anxiety when facing social groups. The Kybella treatment offers them a relatively quick fix that will help them be more confident in their appearance.”

Sydney marketing professional, Michelle Flynn (42 years), has undergone Kybella treatment and says she now feels happier and more confident when going out.

„My chin area always bothered me, but I didn’t want to have surgery. I work long hours, so when Kybella became available in Australia I knew that this treatment was a better option for me because it meant hardly any time away from work,” Ms Flynn explains.

„I feel more confident now about the shape of my face and it makes me feel younger.”

The active ingredient in Kybella is a naturally occurring substance made in the liver that assists in the digestion of  dietary fat. When injected into areas of unwanted fat, it  helps the body to metabolise and filter away this fat.

Kybella has been studied over 10 years and has been used safely in over 2,600 patients in worldwide clinical trials.

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More about Dr. Hooi and Cosmetic MD:

The owner and Medical Director of cosmetic MD, Dr Hooi has followed a singular path towards Cosmetic Medicine. With degrees in law, medicine and further specialisation in Emergency Medicine, he has a thorough grounding in all facets of acute medicine.  Dr. Hooi became interested in cosmetic procedures in 1990 and pursues his passion for cosmetic medicine in private practice in Telopea, Sydney. Dr Hooi’s training and experience led to his award as a Foundation Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine in 2009. Dr. Hooi is also recognised as an expert in the revolutionary IncontiLaseTM procedure, offering a non-invasive answer to the significant and debilitating problem of incontinence. Dr Hooi regularly presents workshops on platelet rich plasma (PRP) and has been an invited speaker at a number of domestic (LCMC, Cosmetex, A5M) and international (Biobridge Venice) conferences on aesthetic medicine.


(1)Kybella is known by a different brand name in Australia. This is approved in Australia for the treatment of fat cell reduction under the chin

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(3)Allergan 2016: Changing Faces of Beauty

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