Elevate Human Potential, Moorhead MN Chiropractic Office Offers Relief From Low Back Pain

If you have low back pain in Moorhead MN, then you need to schedule an appointment at Elevate Human Potential. The talented medical staff at Elevate will give you the care you need to put an end to the agony.


Moorhead, MN – May 20, 2017 – Elevate Human Potential offers relief from back pain. Dr. Karla Sorum and the talented staff of medical professionals will teach you how to build muscle, shed weight, and live a healthy, proactive life. They’ll work with you to improve your physical fitness, stamina and strength. They’ll train you to change your mindset. Rather than obsessing over illness and disease, they’ll help you become more flexible, use better posture and get your back in the shape it needs to be in to prevent injuries in the future.  

On the initial visit, Dr. Karla will examine your spine alignment, discuss your symptoms and determine if chiropractic care is right for you. The first visit typically lasts an hour, but follow-ups are shorter. The services include OptoGait Gait Analysis, cupping, spinal adjustments and individualized nutrition plans. OptoGait Gait Analysis is a therapy that’s growing in popularity. You’ll meet with Dr. Sorum and she will observe your stride when you walk and run. She’ll take notes on the ways you move and will provide tips that will help you workout with fewer aches and pains. Elevate Human Potential has helped many professional athletes, cross-fit stars, weekend warriors and patients with a range of physical ailments fight back against nagging injuries. 

Elevate Human Potential is the clinic you need when you have low back pain Moorhead MN. Click here and visit the website or give them a call today at (218) 512-0515. You can set up an appointment online or over the phone. They’re located at 3333 9th St S Moorhead MN. 

Contact Information:

Elevate Human Potential

3333 9th St S

Moorhead MN 56560