Listen to the Dope Track -Give It my Best- on SoundCloud

(1888PressRelease) May 30, 2017 – The true essence of hip hop lies on the crafting the genre with all the essential elements. Exotic hip hop music is one which blends witty lyrics with feet tapping beats. Contemporary hip hop is experiencing huge variations and hip hop music today is not only loud and can even be poignant and touching. R&B and soul music on the other side has also gained huge prominence alongside hip hop. R&B soul music are loud yet loaded with heart-touching melodies. The penetrative lyrics coupled with rhythmic tone of this genre more alluring. Nash Nation is one artist who has recently attained huge popularity with his unusual hip hop and rap compositions in soundCloud. His latest track „Give It My Best” is the song of the season in SoundCloud.

Nash Nation is a celebrated singer is a celebrated singer and has been featured in renowned channels like VH1 and gone on air with 105.1. His pleasing get up and extremely impressive voice texture makes his tracks huge hits. Raised in United States, the blitz and glamour of hip hop music and also R&B and soul has always inspired hip to be one star like the legends. Amongst his many tracks, Soundcloud site has witnessed numerous vies and comments on the tracks like „Marathon”, „Murder and the recent one „Give It My Best”.

The track „Give It My Best” is a dope infused rhythm and Blues song that has the vibrant of hip hop and the melody of R&B music. Nash dedicates this track to all the beautiful ladies out there. The rapping style of the Indie rapper is incredible. The track gives the vibe of the charming nightlife and glamour of the cosmopolitan New York City. Music fans listen to the track and get engrossed to the magical aura of Nash Nation in SoundCloud.

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