Forecast and Analysis on Multiplex Biomarker Imaging Market for Period ( 2017-2027)

Multiplex biomarker imaging is unique technique for imaging the characteristic and analysis of exact disease. Biomarker are the biological markers used for clinical studies to visualize the presence state of the disease. The biomarker have significant use in medical industry, biomarker use alone or as combination to assess to characterized and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes. There are various technique for imaging all of them have a specific role for analysis and respecting the data of clinical research related to immune response or cancer.  Multiplex biomarker play a crucial role to study the complex biological system by providing the analysis to monitor the expression of multiple biomarkers.

Multiplex Biomarker Imaging Market:Drivers and Restraints

Multiplex biomarker imaging market is expected to be get bigger market over the forecasted years as there is the increase in health related issue (tumor in brain, view RNA detection of miR 133). TMA will be the lead for this industry as it’s cost effective and provide better analysis results for thousands of tissue in a single run, another technique is TIS which is also a potential for the discovery of anticancer drug by identifying proteins that are essential regulation of protein networks other technique are also valuable as this for multiplex biomarker imaging. The restrains are the policy of government and ethical issue and complex process.

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Multiplex Biomarker Imaging Market:Segmentation

Multiplex biomarker imaging market is segmented as followed:

  • Segmentation by imaging techniques:
    • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) assay
    • Immunofluorescence (IF) assay
    • Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) assay
    • Tissue microarray (TMA) assay
    • Toponome imaging system (TIS)
  • Segmentation by application:
    • Oncology Studies
    • Drug safety
    • Genetic characterization studies
  • Segmentation by end user:
    • Research Institutes government and private
    • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Company
    • Clinical Labs

Multiplex Biomarker Imaging Market:Overview

Multiplex biomarker imaging market is highly fragmented as the players in this segment are having a vast range of product like (Vectra 3.0 for 6 to 200 slides from PerkinElmer Inc). Multiplex biomarker imaging provides a successful identification and validation of clinical data related to immune cells, csssancer cells. IHC (immunohistochemistry) is used to identify and co-localize antigens in cell and tissue, but the validation of IHC assay has undertaken by using TMA (Tissue microarray). So as the modern research will be using the TMA as its enables high throughput tissue analysis, up to 1000 minute tissue sample are brought into array format and analysis. TMA is much faster and cost effective as of other techniques.

Multiplex Biomarker Imaging Market:Region-wise Outlook

Geographically, multiplex biomarker imaging market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa. Asia pacific will be the growing market as the research is going on for the treatment in chronic disease (cancer, tumor). As per WHO 8.2 million people die in 2015 due to cancer, this motives the industry for more growth in Asia-pacific in terms of research using multiplex biomarker imaging for pre-diagnosis. One of the players like Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc has a product for multiplex biomarker imaging name as ZOE TM, S3eTM.

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Multiplex Biomarker Imaging Market:Key Players

Some players in multiplex biomarker imaging markets are: Thermo Fisher Scientific (Pierce), PerkinElmer Inc (Vectra® 3.0), US Biomax Inc (FDA999b, FDA808c), Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc (ZOE TM, S3eTM), and Abcam plc.