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Feb 02, 2017

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Mauna Kea Technologies (Paris:MKEA) (OTCQX:MKEAY) inventor of Cellvizio®, the multidisciplinary confocal laser endomicroscopy platform, today announced the appointment of John Soto to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mr. Soto will be responsible for Mauna Kea’s global operations and commercial execution, contributing more than 25 years of experience in the medical device industry to Mauna Kea’s corporate leadership team. He will report to Sacha Loiseau, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mauna Kea Technologies.

Prior to joining Mauna Kea Technologies, Mr. Soto served as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at AngioDynamics, a NASDAQ-listed global medical device company, where he oversaw the Company’s global commercial execution and strategy, including international distribution partnerships.

“John has a track record of generating rapid growth at global medical device companies and driving sustained commercial success. His experience combined with our focus on commercial execution, particularly in the U.S. market, will benefit our 2017 performance,” commented Sacha Loiseau.

Prior to AngioDynamics, Mr. Soto’s earlier roles include senior leadership positions with Smith & Nephew, RITA Medical Systems, Computer Motion and U.S. Surgical. John served in the British Royal Navy where he earned a degree in electronic engineering and studied medical marketing at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Joseph DeVivo, Mauna Kea Technologies Board Member, former CEO of AngioDynamics and currently CEO of InTouch Health, added: “Having worked with John Soto for more than 20 years, I am highly confident of his abilities as a commercial and business leader. John will increase Mauna Kea’s capacity to achieve its operating and strategic objectives.”

“Mauna Kea Technologies is at an inflection point today. The Cellvizio platform is supported by an impressive body of clinical evidence, important medical society endorsements and much improved U.S. reimbursement support.” declared John Soto, “I am excited to join the team and look forward to contributing to the Company’s commercial success.”

Mr. Soto succeeds Pierre Forest who has resigned to pursue other interests.

About Mauna Kea Technologies
Mauna Kea Technologies is a global medical device company focused on eliminating uncertainties related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases thanks to real time in vivo microscopic visualization. The Company’s flagship product, Cellvizio, has received clearance to sell a wide range of applications in more than 40 countries, including the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. For more information on Mauna Kea Technologies, visit

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Scottsdale, Arizona General Society of Mayflower Descendant, Adam Paul Green (Ancestor Stephen Hopkins / Gen.No. 86,723) Reveals New Geneology Support Website for Local Enthusiasts

Scottsdale, AZ — (SBWIRE) — 02/02/2017 — Stephen Hopkins was from Hampshire, England. He married his first wife, Mary, and resided in the parish of Hursley, Hampshire.  They had three (3) children: Elizabeth, Constance, and Giles; all baptized there. It has long been claimed that the Hopkins family was from Wortley, Gloucester, but this was disproven in 1998 with the discovery of his true origins in Hursley.

Stephen Hopkins went with the ship Sea Venture on a voyage to Jamestown, Virginia in 1609 as a minister’s clerk, but the ship wrecked in the “Isle of Devils” (Bermuda). Stranded on an island for ten months, the passengers and crew survived on turtles, birds, and wild pigs. Six months into the castaway, Stephen Hopkins and several others organized a mutiny against the current governor. The mutiny was discovered and Stephen was sentenced to death. However, he pleaded with sorrow and tears. “So penitent he was, and made so much moan, alleging the ruin of his wife and children in this his trespass, as it wrought in the hearts of all the better sorts of the company.” He managed to get his sentence commuted. Eventually the castaways built a small ship and sailed themselves to Jamestown. How long Stephen remained in Jamestown is not known. However, while he was gone, his wife Mary died. She was buried in Hursley on 9 May 1613, and left behind a probate estate which mentions her children Elizabeth, Constance and Giles.

Stephen was back in England by 1617, when he married Elizabeth Fisher, but apparently had every intention of bringing his family back to Virginia. Their first child, Damaris, was born about 1618. In 1620, Stephen Hopkins brought his wife and children Constance, Giles, and Damaris on the Mayflower (child Elizabeth apparently had died). Stephen was a fairly active member of the Pilgrim group shortly after arrival, perhaps a result of his being one of the few individuals who had been to Virginia previously. He was a part of all the early exploring missions, and was used as an “expert” on Native Americans for the first few contacts. While out exploring, Stephen recognized and identified an Indian deer trap. And when Samoset walked into Plymouth and welcomed the English, he was housed in Stephen Hopkins’ house for the night. Stephen was also sent on several of the ambassadorial missions to meet with the various Indian groups in the region.

Stephen was an assistant to the governor through 1636, and volunteered for the Pequot War of 1637 but was never called to serve. By the late 1630s, however, Stephen began to occasionally run afoul of the Plymouth authorities, as he apparently opened up a shop and served alcohol. In 1636 he got into a fight with John Tisdale and seriously wounded him. In 1637, he was fined for allowing drinking and shuffleboard playing on Sunday. Early the next year he was fined for allowing people to drink excessively in his house: guest William Reynolds was fined, but the others were acquitted. In 1638 he was twice fined for selling beer at twice the actual value, and in 1639 he was fined for selling a looking glass for twice what it would cost if bought in the Bay Colony. Also in 1638, Stephen Hopkins’ maidservant got pregnant from Arthur Peach, who was subsequently executed for murdering an Indian. The Plymouth Court ruled he was financially responsible for her and her child for the next two years (the amount remaining on her term of service). Stephen, in contempt of court, threw Dorothy out of his household and refused to provide for her, so the court committed him to custody. John Holmes stepped in and purchased Dorothy’s remaining two years of service from him: agreeing to support her and child.

Stephen died in 1644, and made out a will, asking to be buried near his wife, and naming his surviving children.

BAPTISM: 30 April 1581 at Upper Clatford, Hampshire, England, son of John and Elizabeth (Williams) Hopkins.
FIRST MARRIAGE: Mary, possibly the daughter of Robert and Joan (Machell) Kent of Hursley, co. Hampshire, prior to 1604.
SECOND MARRIAGE: Elizabeth Fisher on 19 February 1617/8 at St. Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel, co. Middlesex, England.
CHILDREN (by Mary):  Elizabeth, Constance, and Giles.
CHILDREN (by Elizabeth): Damaris, Oceanus, Caleb, Deborah, Damaris, Ruth, and Elizabeth.

Contact Adam Green!
c: 801-809-7766

The Mayflower was hired in London, and sailed from London to Southampton in July 1620 to begin loading food and supplies for the voyage–much of which was purchased at Southampton. The Pilgrims were mostly still living in the city of Leiden, in the Netherlands. They hired a ship called the Speedwell to take them from Delfshaven, the Netherlands, to Southampton, England, to meet up with the Mayflower. The two ships planned to sail together to Northern Virginia. The Speedwell departed Delfthaven on July 22, and arrived at Southampton, where they found the Mayflower waiting for them. The Speedwell had been leaking on her voyage from the Netherlands to England, though, so they spent the next week patching her up.

On August 5, the two ships finally set sail for America. But the Speedwell began leaking again, so they pulled into the town of Dartmouth for repairs, arriving there about August 12. The Speedwell was patched up again, and the two ships again set sail for America about August 21. After the two ships had sailed about 300 miles out to sea, the Speedwell again began to leak. Frustrated with the enormous amount of time lost, and their inability to fix the Speedwell so that it could be sea-worthy, they returned to Plymouth, England, and made the decision to leave the Speedwell behind. The Mayflower would go to America alone. The cargo on the Speedwell was transferred over to the Mayflower; some of the passengers were so tired and disappointed with all the problems that they quit and went home. Others crammed themselves onto the already very crowded Mayflower.

Finally, on September 6, the Mayflower departed from Plymouth, England, and headed for America. By the time the Pilgrims had left England, they had already been living onboard the ships for nearly a month and a half. The voyage itself across the Atlantic Ocean took 66 days, from their departure on September 6, until Cape Cod was sighted on 9 November 1620. The first half of the voyage went fairly smoothly, the only major problem was sea-sickness. But by October, they began encountering a number of Atlantic storms that made the voyage treacherous. Several times, the wind was so strong they had to just drift where the weather took them; it was not safe to use the ship’s sails. The Pilgrims intended to land in Northern Virginia, which at the time included the region as far north as the Hudson River in the modern State of New York. The Hudson River, in fact, was their originally intended destination. They had received good reports on this region while in the Netherlands. All things considered, the Mayflower was almost right on target, missing the Hudson River by just a few degrees.

As the Mayflower approached land, the crew spotted Cape Cod just as the sun rose on November 9. The Pilgrims decided to head south, to the mouth of the Hudson River in New York, where they intended to make their plantation. However, as the Mayflower headed south, it encountered some very rough seas, and nearly shipwrecked. The Pilgrims then decided, rather than risk another attempt to go south they would just stay and explore Cape Cod. They turned back north, rounded the tip, and anchored in what is now Provincetown Harbor. The Pilgrims would spend the next month and a half exploring Cape Cod, trying to decide where they would build their plantation. On December 25, 1620, they had finally decided upon Plymouth, and began construction of their first buildings.

Master Christopher Jones and several business partners purchased the ship Mayflower about 1607. Its origins prior to that remain uncertain. Its first documented voyage of record was to Trondheim, Norway, in 1609. Andrew Pawling hired the ship to take a cargo of London goods to Norway, sell them off, and buy Norway goods (lumber, tar, and fish) to return back to England. Unfortunately on the return voyage, the Mayflower encountered a severe North Sea storm and the master and crew were forced to toss most of Pawlings goods overboard to lighten the ship. The home of Master Christopher Jones: Harwich, co. Essex, England.

Following that, Christopher Jones seems to have stuck with safer trading routes. The Mayflower made numerous trips primarily to Bordeaux, France, returning to London with cargoes of French wine, Cognac, vinegar, and salt. The Mayflower could freight about 180 tons of cargo. The Mayflower also made occasional voyages to other ports, including once to Malaga, Spain, and twice to Hamburg, Germany.

Upon returning from a voyage to Bordeaux, France, in May 1620, the Mayflower and master Christopher Jones were hired to take the Pilgrims to Northern Virginia. This was the first recorded trans-Atlantic voyage for both ship and master, though Christopher Jones had several crewmembers, including pilot and master’s mates John Clarke and Robert Coppin, who had been to the New World before.

The Mayflower was supposed to accompany another ship, the Speedwell, to America, but the Speedwell proved too leaky for the voyage so the Mayflower proceeded alone. Departing on 6 September 1620, the ship was at sea for 66 days, arriving November 9. The ship and crew overwintered with the Pilgrims and departed back for England on 5 April 1621, arriving back to England on May 6.

Christopher Jones took the ship out for a few more trading runs, but he died a couple of years later in March 1621/2. The ship was appraised for probate purposes in May 1624, and was referred to as being “in ruins.” It was only valued at 128 pounds sterling, and was almost certainly broken up and sold off as scrap.

Scottsdale, Arizona General Society of Mayflower Descendant, Adam Paul Green (Ancestor Stephen Hopkins / Gen.No. 86,723) Reveals New Geneology Support Website for Local Enthusiasts

Women of Early Plymouth: Governor William Bradford reported that the Pilgrims were worried that the “weak bodies of women” would not be able to withstand the rigors of a trans-Atlantic voyage and the construction of a colony. Prior to the Mayflower, very few English women had made the voyage across the ocean.

Sir Walter Raleigh’s Roanoke colony arrived in Virginia in 1587, and amongst those 120 colonists there were 17 women: a baby girl, Virginia Dare, was born after arrival. When re-supply ships came from England, they could not relocate the people. The colony had mysteriously disappeared, and was never seen again. The Jamestown Colony was founded in 1607, but relatively few women had yet made the voyage and taken up residence there.

The Pilgrim husband, as head of the household, had an important and difficult decision to make. Building a colony would be hard on a woman’s “weaker body.” It might be safer and healthier to leave her behind, and have her come later once the houses were built, and the general safety and successfulness of the colony were better established. But that could be several years. Could he live several years without his wife? How strong was his wife anyway, could she really handle it? Was it right to put your wife’s life in danger in this manner?

As the Mayflower left England for America, there were 18 adult women on-board. Three of them, Elizabeth Hopkins, Susanna White, and Mary Allerton, were actually in their last trimester of a pregnancy. All the adult women on the Mayflower were married; there were no single women–although there were a few teenage girls nearing marriageable age.

While no women would die during the Mayflower’s voyage, life after arrival proved extremely difficult. In fact, 78% of the women would die the first winter, a far higher percentage than for men or children. Dorothy Bradford was the first woman to die, and the only woman who died in the month of December. While many of the men, including her husband, were out exploring on Cape Cod, she accidentally fell off the Mayflower into the bitter cold waters of Provincetown Harbor. Most of the women’s death dates were not recorded, but we do know that Rose Standish died on January 29, Mary Allerton died on February 25, and Elizabeth Winslow died on March 24. Most of the women died in February and March.

The extremely high mortality rate among women is probably explainable by the fact the men were out in the fresh air, felling trees, building structures and drinking fresh New England water; while the women were confined to the damp, filthy and crowded quarters offered by the Mayflower, where disease would have spread much more quickly. The two-month voyage was long enough; the women, however, remained living on the ship for an additional four months while the men built storehouses and living quarters on shore. Many of the sick were no doubt cared for on-board the ship by the women, increasing their exposure to colds and pneumonias. William Mullins died on February 21, apparently on-board the Mayflower since his will was witnessed by the ship’s captain and ship’s surgeon. His wife Alice and son Joseph had not yet died, but it wasn’t too long before they did, orphaning their teenage daughter Priscilla in the New World.

Only five women survived the first winter. One of the five survivors, Mrs. Katherine Carver, died in May of a “broken heart,” her husband John having died of sunstroke a month earlier. Weak bodies or not, by the time of the famous “Thanksgiving,” there were only four women left to care for the Colony’s fifty surviving men and children. The four women were Eleanor Billington, Elizabeth Hopkins, Mary Brewster, and Susanna (White) Winslow.

Adam Paul Green was born to a multi-talented beauty queen Mother and a Father who, in addition to being a US Army Spy and a Counter-Intelligence Special Agent, was also a highly accomplished entrepreneur.  Adam was taught at a young age that, in both life and business, loyalty is a requirement for success.  He’s had the honor of working directly with his father in several of the family businesses.  In fact, this is where he learned crucial entrepreneurial skills and honed his talents with international business strategies and venture capitalism.

Adam earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Utah.  He was hand-picked by the President of the University’s renowned School of Business to compete with dozens of other ambitious nationwide-graduates for the opportunity to secure a lucrative job within a prestigious Fortune 100 company.

About, the Internet’s most complete and accurate website dealing with the Mayflower passengers and the history of the Pilgrims and early Plymouth Colony. The website was first created back in 1994 (when the web was still mostly text!) as a simple, but complete, passenger list of the Mayflower. It has grown over the past twenty years as the author, historian Caleb Johnson, has researched and compiled material.

Staten Island Chuck Makes Groundhog Day Forecast Today

Big Crowds Heading to Staten Island Zoo on February 2 at 6:30 AM

NEW YORK CITY , NEW YORK , USA, February 2, 2017 / — Staten Island, New York (February 2, 2017) – Hundreds of children and their parents, civic leaders and early risers are gathering at the Staten Island Zoo on February 2 to watch Staten Island Chuck emerge from his high-tech burrow. During this popular, annual ritual that is sponsored by Investors Bank, Staten Island Chuck is favored to accurately predict either an early spring or six more weeks of winter if he sees his shadow.

Chuck’s first prediction was in 1981, and he has scored an 80 percent accuracy rate since then, according to the S.I. Zoo’s records.

Entrance gates at the zoo will open at 6:30 AM. Guests are encouraged to park in the Zoo’s lot at Clove Road and Martling Avenue. Staff members will greet them at the gate and point the way to the outdoor pavilion where the Groundhog ceremonies take place.

Investors Bank’s Staten Island team will serve hot chocolate and provide knit hats to help keep everyone warm. The Bank is sponsoring the admission-free annual Groundhog Day celebration for the fourth consecutive year.

“We are eager to greet our neighbors who arrive before sunrise to see what Staten Island Chuck will predict,” said Investors Bank Chief Operating Officer Domenick Cama. “Investors is grateful to support this special event that brings the community together.”

The event kicks off at 7 a.m., with Staten Island Deputy Borough President Ed Burke, who serves as master of ceremonies. He will introduce all the dignitaries including New York City Public Advocate Letitia James. Also, Patrick and the Rock-a-Silly Band will provide musical entertainment.

Staten Island Zoo Executive Director Ken Mitchell said: “We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Investors Bank, which is a supportive and fully engaged corporate sponsor. The Bank supports the Groundhog Day celebration, S.I. Chuck’s habitat and weather station, an educational program with local schools and the Spooktacular event in October. The Zoo-Investors Bank relationship is dynamic, growing and very rewarding for all of us.”

During the Groundhog Day event, students from Staten Island’s P.S. 45, the John Tyler School, will attend. In the
weeks that follow, classes at the school will track the daily temperature to determine if Chuck’s forecast is correct.

For more information about the Groundhog Day celebration at the Staten Island Zoo, visit their website or call 718.442.3100.

Investors Bank is putting the community back in banking by supporting many local nonprofits on Staten Island. Recently, the Bank opened its fifth branch on Staten Island at 2200 Richmond Avenue in Bulls Head. Additional retail banking centers are located at 1200 Forest Avenue, West Brighton, 2580 Hylan Boulevard, New Dorp, 1556 Hylan Blvd., Grasmere, and 271 Page Avenue, Tottenville.

About Investors Bank
Investors Bank is a full-service commercial bank that has been serving customers since 1926. With more than $23 billion in assets and over 150 retail branches in New Jersey, New York City and on Long Island, Investors Bank delivers personalized services and products tailored to the needs of its customers. Investors’ consumer banking services include complete deposit products, online and mobile banking, home equity loans and lines of credit, and an array of home mortgages.
Investors Bank is a member of FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.
The website is, and the Bank can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

About the Staten Island Zoo
The Staten Island Zoo opened in 1936. It was the first U.S. zoo dedicated to an educational mission, and the first zoo anywhere to exhibit all 32 varieties of U.S. rattlesnakes. In the late 1960s, it maintained the world’s most complete rattlesnake collection, with 39 varieties.
The Zoo — located in Barrett Park, 614 Broadway in West Brighton – is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
For more information, call 718-442-3101 or visit:

Bob Rinklin
Essential Public Relations
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Lollicup® USA hits $123 million in sales, hopes to reach $160 million in 2017

CHINO, CA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2017 / — Lollicup USA, Inc., which exceeds expectations and goals year after year, had unprecedented success in 2016.

Lollicup USA kicked off the year with plans to expand in the South West. The company opened a new warehouse in Wilmer, TX, while also beginning the early phases of establishing a new production facility in Rockwall, TX.

With the opening of a new facility, the company also expanded employment significantly. The company now has 400 employees.

It also saw a 23 percent increase in sales; from $100 million to $123 million.

In 2017, Lollicup USA has plans to improve its efficiency by offering extensive training opportunities for its employees across all departments.

The company hopes more training will better improve efficiency and communication between coworkers, including understanding workloads within departments.

Improved efficiency will also make surpassing the company’s 2017 sales goal more possible. Alan Yu, Lollicup USA’s CEO and co-founder, said $160 million is the target for sales this year.

The company also plans to push Tea Zone® products because of increased demand, as well as frequent inquiry regarding boba and bubble tea products. Its bubble tea sales rose about 15 percent in 2016.

Tea Zone supplies bubble tea products, including tea leaves, boba, flavored syrups and powders and more. More information about Tea Zone is available at

About Lollicup® USA Inc.

Lollicup® USA manufactures and distributes Karat® paper and plastic disposable foodservice packaging products, and it supplies Tea Zone® beverage products for thousands of retail business accounts, including several Fortune 500 restaurant franchises. Lollicup USA is proud to provide a true ‘‘One Stop Solution’’ for all beverage and food service needs. Please visit for more information, or contact us at

Julia Gutierrez
Lollicup USA, Inc.
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Centcom: Civilians Likely Killed in Yemen Firefight

WASHINGTON, Feb. 2, 2017 — A team designated by the operational task force commander has concluded that civilian noncombatants likely were killed in the midst of a firefight during a Jan. 29 raid in Yemen, and that casualties may include children, U.S. Central Command officials said last night.

In a statement, Centcom officials said the ongoing credibility assessment seeks to determine whether any still-undetected civilian casualties took place in the ferocious firefight that also claimed the life of Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens and wounded three other U.S. service members.

The known possible civilian casualties appear to have been potentially caught up in aerial gunfire that was called in to assist U.S. forces in contact against a determined enemy that included armed women firing from prepared fighting positions and U.S. special operations members receiving fire from all sides, including from houses and other buildings, officials said.

Assessment Continues

“This complex situation included small-arms fire, hand grenades and close air support fire,” the statement said. “Analysts are carefully assessing whether additional noncombatant civilians that were not visible to the assault force at the time were mixed in with combatants.”

The raid resulted in the seizure of materials and information that is yielding valuable intelligence to help partner nations deter and prevent future terror attacks in Yemen and across the world, officials said.

“Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula has a horrifying history of hiding women and children within militant operating areas and terrorist camps, and continuously shows a callous disregard for innocent lives,” Centcom spokesman Air Force Col. John J. Thomas said in the statement. “That’s what makes cases like these so especially tragic.”

Synechron Collaborates With The South Florida Accelerator (TSFA)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The South Florida Accelerator (TSFA) has on boarded one of the top FinTech consultancies and technology services companies in the world to advance the innovation ecosystem that is South Florida. The South Florida Accelerator, a regional start-up innovation accelerator / aggregator, today announced Synechron, one of the fastest growing digital, business consulting and technology service providers, as an investor and strategic partner of its business platform and the launch of the FinTech Innovation Lab and Accelerator at Synchron’s office in Sunrise.

„Synechron is an uncontested leader in the FinTech business consultancy and technology services vertical which we are ecstatic to have the opportunity to partner with” said Thomas Buchar Managing Director of The South Florida Accelerator and Board Member of Innovation Florida. „The partnership will immediately generate 50 jobs to the South Florida community and ultimately contribute to the advancement of South Florida’s innovation corridor.”

„I am proud that Innovation Florida was able to bring most of South Florida’s thought leaders and top tech companies together and produce measurable results,” says Zia Bhutta, Co-Founder of Synechron.

„We are delighted for Synechron to become a technology leader in the South Florida Community and make an immediate commitment to job creation,” adds Jimmy Thomas, Senior Director at the Sunrise/South Florida Office of Synechron.

TSFA’s mission is to identify visionary entrepreneurs and facilitate ideation by providing a clear path to success through a global ecosystem of innovation resources. TSFA is quite passionate about accelerating the maturation of new technologies and the generation of jobs in Florida’s Innovation Ecosystem. In the strategic partnership with TSFA and Synechron it is expected that the initiative will create around 150 developer jobs within the South Florida community in the next two years.

Synechron is a high growth business consultancy and technology services provider with a robust five continent client portfolio. Their clients include the top five U.S. Banks in capital markets and the top three insurance carriers. The partnership was brokered in part by Innovation Florida’s Executive Director Maria Sachs. „The Synechron TSFA partnership will bring numerous opportunities to the region and create more jobs; especially for Florida’s new university grads,” said Sachs.

„We are excited to support and continue the ongoing creation of new and exciting opportunities for technology and research companies for Florida, resulting in new industries and new capital being introduced,” comments Innovation Florida Co-Founder and Greenspoon Marder’s Co-Managing Director, Gerald Greenspoon.

About The South Florida Accelerator (TSFA)
The South Florida Accelerator (TSFA) is an innovation accelerator/aggregator with global connectivity. TSFA’s mission is to identify visionary entrepreneurs and facilitate ideation by providing a clear path to success through a global network of strategic corporate partnerships. The company’s venture fund supports the region’s most creative and talented entrepreneurs, making their dreams real so people around the world live happier, healthier and richer lives. For additional information, visit

About Synechron
Synechron, one of the fastest-growing digital, business consulting & technology services providers, is a $405 million firm based in New York. Since inception in 2001, Synechron has been on a steep growth trajectory. With 7,000+ professionals operating in 18 countries across the world, it has presence across USA, Canada, UK, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Australia and Development Centers in India. For more information, please visit

About Innovation Florida
Innovation Florida serves to connect the state of Florida’s technology assets through a shared resource and advocacy center that provides support in the areas of policy advancement, academic outreach, workforce development, talent acquisition, and entrepreneurialism. Innovation Florida’s founders have strong relationships with the State University’s Presidents and trustees, legislature, the startup, venture capital and tech communities that do business in Florida. Innovation Florida was co-founded by Greenspoon Marder, Citrix Systems, Inc. and The South Florida Accelerator.

About Greenspoon Marder
Greenspoon Marder is committed to providing excellent client service through our cross-disciplinary, client-team approach. Our goal is to understand the challenges that our clients face, build collaborative relationships, and craft creative solutions designed and executed with long-term strategic goals in mind. Since our inception in 1981, Greenspoon Marder has become a full-service, Am Law 200 and NLJ 350 law firm with 20 offices and more than 200 attorneys. We serve Fortune 500, middle-market public and private companies, start-ups, emerging businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs across Florida and the United States.

SOURCE Greenspoon Marder; The South Florida Accelerator

Superior Concrete Products Offers Superior Brick in Variety of Colors for Stunning Appearance of Properties

Euless, TX — (SBWIRE) — 02/02/2017 — Superior Concrete Products, a leading supplier of precast concrete fence in Texas, offers Superior Brick™ at the market’s best prices. The Superior Brick™ from the company is classic, charming and warm, with the full thickness and rich texture of brick. This product is especially designed to add value to the properties and enhance their appearance. Superior Brick™ from Superior Concrete Products is the best for building fences and walls around the property. The fencing done with the modular Superior Brick™ panels are more versatile than traditional brick masonry. People looking to provide ultimate security to their property can count on Superior Concrete Products for offering Superior Brick™ at the most competitive prices.

When it comes to offering best-in-class concrete building materials, Superior Concrete Products is one of the most sought-after names in the industry. They have been in the construction business for several years, and have helped a huge number of individuals in developing one-of-a-kind residential or commercial premises. Their Superior Brick™ are available in variety of colors with which individuals can provide a customized look to their properties. The Superior Brick™ colors that are available for the clients includes Pueblo, Sand, Taupe, Terra Cotta, Buff, Desert Tan, Titanium, Charcoal, Natural, Dark Terra Cotta, Rustic Red, and White. Besides Superior Brick™, they also offer Superior Board-on-Board™, Superior Cobblestone™, Superior Fence™, and much more.

Speaking more about Superior Brick™, one of the representatives of the company stated, “Fences and walls made from modular Superior Brick™ panels are more versatile than traditional brick masonry and can be installed in a fraction of the time. Unlike bricks and mortar, our product is engineered to withstand shifting terrains and extreme temperatures. For long-term reliability, this is especially important in areas like Texas that experience severe and fluctuating weather conditions.”

About Superior Concrete Products
Superior Concrete Products is a premier, full-service manufacturing and construction company that provides a complete range of NPCA-Certified precast concrete building systems. Their building systems are used in a wide variety of applications, nationwide and around the world. The company manufactures and installs screening walls, perimeter fences, retaining walls, sound barriers, highway walls and many more. Each product has the rich look and feel of stone, brick, stucco or wood, with a level of reliability and durability traditional materials can’t match.

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Add Curb Appeal All Around the Property with Superior Rail from Superior Concrete Products

Euless, TX — (SBWIRE) — 02/02/2017 — Superior Concrete Products, a Texas-based manufacturer of precast concrete fence, offers Superior Rail™, which is one of the most affordable rail fence systems available in the industry. This fence system leaves a lasting impression in its presentation and can add curb appeal to any property. Their superior rail replicates the natural beauty of real marble and look of wood with the longevity of concrete. The Superior Rail™ fence is strong enough to safely surround large livestock and endure the ravages of nature. Each superior rail system is manufactured at the company’s NPCA certified plant in Texas to ensure quality and durability.

“This fence’s beautiful design will enhance your surroundings, while maintaining its natural-looking wood texture for decades to come. Concrete fencing eliminates the usual quick deterioration and aging of wood due to exposure to the elements, as well as damage caused by termites and other wood-eating insects and critters” says Superior Concrete Products CEO, Todd Sternfeld.

Superior Concrete Products is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of security fences at the most competitive prices. They have been in the business for years and have successfully accomplished a number of projects in Texas and surrounding areas. All of their products are widely considered by Architects, Engineers, General Contractors & Builders, Commercial Property Developers and other construction professionals for creating impressive landscape designs. Individuals willing to install fences at their home or commercial properties can count on the precast concrete fences being offered by the company.

About Superior Concrete Products
Superior Concrete Products is a premier, full-service manufacturing and construction company that provides a complete range of NPCA-Certified precast concrete building systems. Their building systems are used in a wide variety of applications, nationwide and around the world. The company manufactures and installs screening walls, perimeter fences, retaining walls, sound barriers, highway walls and many more. Each product has the rich look and feel of stone, brick, stucco, or wood, with a level of reliability and durability traditional materials can’t match.

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Add a Decorative Accent to the Property with Superior Wood Plus from Superior Concrete Products

Euless, TX — (SBWIRE) — 02/02/2017 — Superior Concrete Products, one of the leading precast concrete manufacturers in Texas, offers superior wood plus that can help homeowners add a decorative accent to their properties. The superior wood plus features classic look of wood with the superior durability of concrete, and has a shiplap design with two boards on one side and three boards on the other. The superior wood plus is available in a variety of colors, such as terra cotta, desert tan, dark terra cotta, rustic red, pueblo, charcoal, and many others, which is sure to give the warm look and feel of wood in precast concrete. Easy to install, and built as per homeowner’s specifications, the superior wood plus is offered in horizontal and vertical alignment, and has a varying height of 1′ to 30′, with 5′ distance gap between the posts.

The superior wood plus that Superior Concrete Products provides has wood texture on both sides, requires low maintenance; and is resistant to crack, burn, and termite attacks. This superior concrete product is manufactured in molds in their Cleburne factory, and doesn’t require any heavy equipment for installation. Homeowners looking to enhance the appearance of their homes can know more about superior wood plus on the company’s official website,, and get in touch with their professionals for any query regarding the product or pricing. A renowned precast concrete supplier in Texas, Superior Concrete Products also offers a complete range of other NPCA-Certified precast concrete building systems, like superior brick, recon retaining walls, wood fence panels Texas, superior stucco, and much more.

A representative of Superior Concrete Products talked more about Superior Wood Plus, “Superior Wood Plus™ has visual details of wood grain – but with precast concrete’s exceptional reliability and cost-effectiveness, those intricate details remain the same for decades. Over that same period, you could install wood several times over, only to watch it corrode, decompose, crack, burn, or get eaten by termites.”

About Superior Concrete Products
Superior Concrete Products is a premier, full-service manufacturing and construction company that provides a complete range of NPCA-Certified precast concrete building systems. Their building systems are used in a wide variety of applications, nationwide and around the world. The company manufactures and installs screening walls, perimeter fences, retaining walls, sound barriers, highway walls and many more. Each product has the rich look and feel of stone, brick, stucco, or wood, with a level of reliability and durability traditional materials can’t match.

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South Bay Home Care Company Partners with Leading In-Home Care Provider to Expand Service Offerings to Clients and Care Team

TORRANCE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–24Hr HomeCare today announced its partnership with At Home With Care, an organization assisting families with caregiving resources in the South Bay since 2004. At Home With Care’s clients and caregivers have joined 24Hr HomeCare’s staff, allowing 24Hr HomeCare to expand its dedicated team to meet the growing need for quality care.

Privately owned by Slavka Jasik, At Home With Care provides caregiving resources to seniors living in the South Bay and Westside areas of the Greater Los Angeles region. For over a decade, At Home With Care has been a pillar of the South Bay community. Jasik will continue to be involved in the senior care industry as she connects families with care options that meet their unique situations.

Jasik initially saw 24Hr HomeCare as a potential partner because of the company’s successful track record of delivering superior care since 2008. 24Hr has been recognized by the Daily Breeze for winning the South Bay’s Best Senior Care award, and by the LA Daily News, for winning “Best In-Home Care Company,” most recently in 2015.

Jasik and 24Hr HomeCare Co-founder, Ryan Iwamoto, first met when At Home With Care opened its doors in 2004. „I have had the opportunity to get to know Ryan over the course of a decade, and I have seen his organization’s commitment to quality of care for our seniors and the innovative programs he has introduced to our industry. We had other opportunities to partner with other organizations, but we feel the most comfortable working with Ryan and his team, because of our shared values. Most recently, I’ve worked with 24Hr’s General Manager for the South Bay region, Michelle Haenel, and she has been instrumental in ensuring my clients’ and caregivers’ success during this transitional period.”

“We are thrilled to welcome the many clients and staff of At Home with Care to our team and are excited that 100% of the clients and caregiving team have transitioned smoothly,” said Haenel.

24Hr HomeCare has eleven locations throughout California, as well as locations in Scottsdale and Dallas. As a leader in the caregiving industry, the award-winning company is dedicated to enhancing the quality of its services by developing collaborative relationships with the best senior-care providers.

24Hr HomeCare is a Los Angeles-based company that provides high-quality, professional caregiving services to seniors and the disabled, allowing them to continue full, active and healthy lifestyles. Founded by David Allerby, Tyner Brenneman-Slay, and Ryan Iwamoto in 2008, 24Hr HomeCare has expanded to thirteen locations throughout California, Arizona, and Texas, hiring over 3,000 employees. Services include assistance with personal care, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and transportation services. 24Hr HomeCare has been recognized by Inc500/5000 for the past 4 years as one of American’s Fastest Privately Growing Companies as well as by Forbes Magazine as the #24 Most Promising Company in America.