Torrefaction of Biomass for Energy Applications

Torrefaction of Biomass for Energy Applications: From Fundamentals to Industrial Scale explores the processes, technology, end-use, and economics involved in torrefaction at the industrial scale for heat and power generation. Its authors combine their industry experience with their academic expertise to provide a thorough overview of the topic. Starting at feedstock pretreatment, followed by torrefaction processes, the book includes plant design and operation, safety aspects, and case studies focusing on the needs and challenges of the industrial scale. Commercially available technologies are examined and compared, and their economical evaluation and life cycle assessment are covered as well.

Attention is also given to non-woody feedstock, alternative applications, derived fuels, recent advances, and expected future developments. For its practical approach, this book is ideal for professionals in the biomass industry, including those in heat and power generation. It is also a useful reference for researchers and graduate students in the area of biomass and biofuels, and for decision makers, policy makers, and analysts in the energy field.

  • Compares efficiency and performance of different commercially available technologies from the practical aspects of daily operation in an industrial scale plant
  • Presents a cost analysis of the production, logistics, and storage of torrefied biomass
  • Includes case studies addressing challenges that may occur in the daily operation in an industrial scale plant
  • Covers other associated technologies, the densification of torrefied biomass, and non-woody feedstock