World Consumption Report on Nonscheduled Air Transportation

The World Consumption Report on Nonscheduled Air Transportation. Consumption/Products/Services by country. 6/10-Digit NAICS Product Codes. 3 Time series: 1997 to Current year and Forecasts Current year to 2020 & 2021-2028. Relative Consumption, Local Consumption, Per-Capita Consumption, Marketing Costs & Margins, Product Launch Data, Buyers, End Users & Customer Profile, Consumer Demographics. Historic Balance Sheets, Forecast Financial Data, Industry Profile, National Data. The report is on a DVD containing the entire web and databases, or it is available online. Merge text, tables & databases for own reports, spreadsheet calculations & modeling. 4 Products covered, 2124 pages, 9659 spreadsheets, 9687 database tables, 599 illustrations. Updated monthly.
This World Consumption Report on Nonscheduled Air Transportation provides data on the net consumption of Products and Services in each of the countries listed. The Products and Services covered (Nonscheduled air transportation) are classified by the 5-Digit United States Commerce Department Major Product Codes and each Product and Services is then further defined and analyzed by each 6 to 10-Digit United States Commerce Department Product Codes. This report consists of a DVD containing the entire report web and databases. Readers can access and reproduce the information for inclusion into their own documents or reports. The tables & databases are in Access & Excel formats on the DVD to enable readers to produce their own spreadsheet calculations and modeling. This database is updated monthly.