Large Scale Biomass Combustion Plants

Large Scale Biomass Combustion Plants: Toolbox for the Heat and Power Industry addresses the main issues of large biomass combustion plants for heat and power generation. Its authors use their experience in academia and the industry to provide both theoretical concepts and practical information. They explore types of fuels and their main characteristics, fuel preparation, storage and handling, and describe the main elements of the system (feeding, combustion chamber, ash extraction, heat exchangers) for current biomass power plants technologies, such as grate fired, fluidized bed, pulverized fuels, and co-combustion with coal.

Operation, maintenance and safety aspects are examined, as well as gaseous and solid emissions, environmental impact, regulation and policy. Case studies illustrate each topic, focusing on best practices, enriched with academic background when appropriate. Fact sheets summarize useful concepts for day-to-day operations. This is an excellent resource for power and energy engineers, technicians, researchers and students working in the field of heat and power generation, particularly using biomass and biofuels. Energy project managers, regulators, plant owners and manufacturers will also find this a useful reference.

  • Presents a comprehensive description of large biomass combustion plants, from 20MW to 100 MW, from the door to the chimney
  • Offers practical guidelines based on different issues related to biomass power plants, collected from designers, operators, regulation inspectors and academia
  • Explores operation, maintenance and safety aspects