World Internet Services – Internet Access & Usages – Search – E-commerce – Social Networks – Video OTT – OTT VoIP – Online Games – Advertising – Mobile Apps – LBS

Telecoms and Computing Market Report has been published today. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of telecoms and computing industries.

This report provides data and forecasts up to 2017 on the Internet services Markets -uses and revenue, by country and region. It is structured around the following key services: Internet Access & Usages, Search, E-Commerce, Social Networks, Video OTT, OTT VoIP, Online Games, Advertising, Mobile Apps, LBS – both fixed and mobile. It covers Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific, and analyses the major trends by segment as well as the key players in the market.

Region: Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.