1Q.2013 Venezuela Mobile Entertainment Market Forecast, 2008 – 2016

Venezuela Mobile Entertainment Market Forecast provides a comprehensive forecast of country-specific mobile entertainment usage among consumers. We provide quarterly historical (2008 – 2012) data and annual forecasts (2013 – 2016) for Mobile Music (Total Users, Retail Revenues, Wholesale Revenues, ARPU), Mobile Gaming (Total Users, Total Events, Revenues, Average Spend per Event), Mobile Personalisation (Total Users, Paid Personalisation Events, Revenues, Average Spend per Event), Mobile TV (Total Users, Total Events, Revenues, Average Spend per Event), and Other Premium Content (Total Users, Average Spend per Event, Total Events, Revenue).

Estimates are based on both demand-side on-line consumer surveys and supply-side on-line interviews with executives. On the demand side, we undertake detailed on-line surveys at the country level in the "IEMR 50" list of countries where we undertake primary field surveys based on our quarterly Global Consumer Telecommunications Survey. This survey looks at telecommunications usage and trends of 50,000 consumers in these 50 markets which represent over 80% of the world's population and 85% of the world's mobile subscriber base. These demand side surveys are “conditioned” by supply side interviews that we conduct with leading companies. We provide these companies with our global and regional estimates and ask them standard questions about their thoughts on past estimates at the global and regional levels and their insights on the future growth rates both globally and in any given market.

Why you should buy this report:

This report provides answers to all of the following questions:

– What are the key trends in the global mobile entertainment market and in specific countries? How will this market grow over the next five years?
– Which region/country is experiencing the fastest growth in mobile entertainment usage in the world? What are the key trends in each region/country?
– Within the mobile multimedia industry, which segment is growing faster than others: Mobile Music, Mobile Gaming, Mobile Personalisation, Mobile TV, or Other Premium Content? How does this differ across regions/countries?

This report will be useful to:

– Mobile entertainment content providers
– Strategists and analysts at vendors responsible for mobile entertainment strategy development and business analytics
– Handset and device manufacturers in all areas of the telecommunications market that need strategy recommendations on key trends in the global mobile entertainment industry
– Financial analysts and portfolio managers covering firms in the mobile entertainment industry
– Consultants advising their clients on mobile entertainment markets
– Researchers who need to gain a better understanding of the global mobile entertainment market