LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless. Design and Measurement Challenges. 2nd Edition

The Next generation: Wireless Communications for Multimedia and Beyond

From both a technical and a practical point of view, there is still much to examine, evaluate and understand in 3GPP LTE cellular technology along with its evolution to LTE–Advanced. The first edition of this book, with content from Agilent engineers and other industry experts, covered basic concepts such as OFDMA, MMO and SC–FDMA. This second edition adds more detail on LTE and LTE–Advanced including the changes to the physical layer and upper layer signaling.

New material on LTE–Advanced testing has been added to the section on design and verification challenges along with much more on MMO testing and advanced performance testing of receivers and transmitters. The latest information on RF and signaling conformance testing is delivered by authors participating in the 3GPP standards committees and a new section on non–signaling manufacturing test outlines what′s needed to lower manufacturing costs.