M2M Communications and Intelligent Transportation Systems – Markets, Standardization, Technologies

This report addresses a relatively new trend in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) development – its dependence on the progress in M2M communications. The report updates information on ITS standards, applications and markets. As an example, the 5.9 DSRC technology, industry and markets are detailed.

Report concentrates on specifics of M2M communications and the necessity to design communications technologies that agree with M2M specifics. The M2M industry, standardization, specifics and markets are addressed. Properties of M2M ITS applications are analyzed.

The report shows that the ITS segment of the M2M communications market is strong and growing fast. In a couple of years, there will be billions of M2M networked sensors that serve auto, location, traffic surveillance and monitoring and other ITS applications, communicating information that can help to cope with multiple issues on roads, saving human lives and contributing to the growth of our economy.

Research Methodology

Considerable research was done using the Internet. Information from various Web sites was studied and analyzed. Evaluation of publicly available marketing and technical publications was conducted. Telephone conversations and interviews were held with industry analysts, technical experts and executives. In addition to these interviews and primary research, secondary sources were used to develop a more complete mosaic of the market landscape, including industry and trade publications, conferences and seminars.

The overriding objective throughout the work has been to provide valid and relevant information. This has led to a continual review and update of the information content.

Target Audience

This report is important to a wide population of researches, technical and sales staff involved in the developing of high-speed wireless services and products for transportation. It is recommended for both service providers and vendors that are working with related technologies. The report also helps to understand relationship between wireless communications in the ITS environment and other technologies, such as M2M.