Malaysia’s Call Center and Shared Service Center Market Forecast: 2013 to 2017

Malaysia's BPO and Call Center market continued to grow modestly in 2012. The authors see the number of calls made to Call Centers in Malasyia growing at a rate of 20 percent every year. The increase is partly due to a broadening the functions covered at the Call Centers in Malaysia, both customer-facing and internal to a company, such as help desks, and the growing middle class with increasing purchasing power.

Several FSI, ICT and BPO firms increased their investments in Malaysia in 2012. AIG announced KL will be their "Center of Excellence" for Asia and a number of AIG data centers around Asia were consolidated into their Malaysian operation. HSBC continues to invest in Malaysia for back office processing, as does Standard Chartered Bank.

The authors saw growth in spending on Call Center technology increase in 2012, and they forecast 2013 to be slightly more robust to due government programs, a strong economy strengthens and more domestic enterrpises upgrade their CRM and contact centre applications.

This market research paper is a detailed, independent assessment of the Call Center and Shared Services sector industry in Malaysia. Roselle Garcia, lead researcher for the publication, notes that companies like AIG, HSBC, BMW, Standard Chartered Bank are upgrading their operations in the Malaysian MSC. The authors forecast for the next few years (2013 to 2017) that growth in the number of Call Center seats in Malaysia will continue to grow in the single digits, and the number of global business processes being managed from Malaysia will see double digit growth.
Key topics in this market research report – Malaysia's Call Center Market 2013 to 2017

This research is designed to help you:

– Assess the size of the Call Center and Shared Services market in Malaysia
– Develop plans for expanding or improving Contact Center operations in Malaysia
– Understand the issues – such as finding and retaining skilled Call Center workers in Malaysia
– Understand the Call Center technology that is being funded by LOB managers
– Understand the forecast for the number of Call Centers and Call Centre seats in Malaysia
– Understand the forecast for revenue expected in Call Center outsourcing services in Malaysia
– Understand the growth in the integration of Social Netorking tools, processes and technology in the Malaysian Call Centers
– Understand the 2013 Salary expections for Call Center workers in Malaysia