PQ Media/uberVU Top 100 Brands in Social Media Worldwide 2013

This report contains exclusive data and insights on global social media advertising spending, top 100 brands in social media by product category, ROI, KPI, impressions, sentiment, gender & region.

The social Web is a clear game-changer. What's not been clear until now is the medium's ROI. For the first time, with the release of the ground-breaking PQ Media/uberVU Top 100 Brands in Social Media Worldwide 2013, brands and agencies can see all the ROI trending metrics that matter most in each consumer product category.

The report takes the first holistic look at online and mobile social media ad spending and ROI over time for the world's 100 biggest brands using the PQ Medianomics™ methodology and accepted industry standards for marketing measurement, including brand development index, mentions, impressions and share-of-voice. This big data analysis was made possible by employing the uberVU social media technology and software marketing platform.

Over the second half of 2012, billions of real-time social media brand conversations are analyzed. Many unanticipated and eye opening social media behavior patterns emerged by brand and product category. The research has isolated the most prominent patterns to reveal the key trends driving social media spending and brand activity.

Selected Key Findings in the Report:

– High frequency and usage product categories of beverages, consumer technology and restaurants are driving the largest volume of social media conversations and SOV.

– When it comes to online and mobile social media engagement with the Top 100 brands, men are more brand focused than women.

– High advertising spend CPG product categories exhibit comparatively low online social media conversation volume.

To put social media in context with the entire marketing ecosystem, the Report provides an additional layer of intelligence and perspective with exclusive social media spending data from the PQ Media Digital & Alternative Media Research Series. Included is global social media ad spending, share, growth and a comparison of social media growth to the broader digital, alternative and traditional ad-based markets.

Major Product Categories Covered:

– Automakers
– Beverages
– Consumer Technology
– Financial
– Household Products
– Insurance
– Personal Care
– Pharmaceuticals
– Restaurants
– Retail

Questions Answered by the Report

– How does social media trend by month?
– Does seasonality impact social media conversation volume?
– Which brands over-Index overall social media market performance?
– Which product categories are consistent SOV leaders?
– Which brands are most competitive within their product category?
– Which product category generates more than 3 million mentions per month?
– Which region is most social media active – U.S. or Rest-of-World?
– What are the gender differences in social media by brand and product category?
– Which product categories produce the most engaging talked about content?
– Does overall marketing spend drive social media volume on a global scale?

What's Included in the Report

The Report is 40 pages and comes with a standalone Excel workbook with 136 tables and charts that will add credibility and authority to any social media presentation.