Sensirion SHTC1 Humidity and Temperature Sensor – Reverse Costing Analysis

A Humidity And Temperature Sensor Made From A Tiny Die Using Sensirion'S Cmosens® Process.
This Sensor Is Targeting Portable Devices And Can Be Found In The Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

Humidity and temperature sensors are equipping more and more portable devices. These components sense the humidity and the temperature of the atmosphere. New specific Android APIs have been developed to use this sensor for mobile weather station, sports, cosmetic – sense humidity of skin, etc.

Sensirion SHTC1 humidity and temperature-sensing device is manufactured using a proprietary MEMS technology, called “CMOSens®”, which allows the sensor and the signal processing circuitry on a single integrated circuit without perturbation for a high accuracy.

The sensing element in the SHTC1 is a capacitor with an organic dielectric. The organic dielectric absorbs or desorbs the humidity thereby modifying the electrical permittivity of the dielectric.

The new technology allow a shrink of 3 of the die surface and of the sensor surface, for only a loss of 0.5% accuracy The sensor is packaged in a 2x2x0.8mm QFN.

This report provides a complete teardown of the MEMS gyro with:

– Detailed photos
– Material analysis
– Schematic assembly description
– Manufacturing Process Flow
– In-depth manufacturing cost analysis
– Supply chain evaluation
– Selling price estimation