The Management of Complex Projects. A Relationship Approach

The Manufacturing and Construction Report has been published today. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of manufacturing and construction industries.

Value is added to projects through the relationships surrounding the client; the focus of this book is therefore the client as project, rather than the building on the ground. It shows how to create and maintain effective relationships between the client and the project team, as well as intra–coalition relationships

Students, academics and practitioners need to understand the changing nature of reforms from successive calls for change by the industry s various clients and client groups. Project team network relationships are a function of mindsets, behaviour and competencies of individuals and The Management of Complex Projects: a relationship approach:

Explores the relationship at the project interface: client–design team–contractor, stakeholders and supply chain relations
Examines different concepts to the development and management of relationships; formation and maintenance issues
Highlights some of the key issues that require development, both academically and through applied research.

Most project management books cover tools and techniques; this one covers the softer skills and shows how crucial good relationships are to the successful management of projects.