Fluid Dynamics at Interfaces

The Manufacturing and Construction Report has been published today. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of manufacturing and construction industries.

Many of the significant issues in fluid dynamics occur at interfaces, that is, at the boundaries between differing fluids or between fluids and solids. These issues are important in areas ranging from aircraft flight, to the flow of blood in the heart, to chemical vapour deposition. The subject is an area of active research and development, owing to improved analytical, experimental, and computational techniques. This book describes research and applications in interfacial fluid dynamics and stability. It is organized around five topics: Benard and thermocapillary instabilities, shear and pressure induced instabilities, waves and dispersions, multiphase systems, and complex flows. Chapters have been contributed by internationally recognized experts, both theoreticians and experimentalists. Because of the range and importance of topics discussed, this book will interest a broad audience of graduate students and researchers in mechanical, aerospace, materials, and chemical engineering, as well as in applied mathematics and physics.