Alibabacoin’s wallet introduces advanced facial recognition and other features for more security and reliability

Alibabacoin(ABBC) have recently launched their ICO and brought to light their revolutionary new wallet that comes with advanced features like facial recognition among others. As of now, no other platform has introduced such kind of technologies in the wallet that they have created. This brand new ABBC wallet is highly secure and all the cryptocurrencies can use the wallet for free. It is also free to download and update; the only thing the user will need is an internet connection.

The ABBC wallet is secured using specific algorithm backed by a deep and complex security platform which makes it almost impossible for anyone to hack it. Even if the user loses their device, the facial recognition feature will make sure that no other person is ever able to make transactions within the wallet. The company is also in the process of implementing session option for the application which will allow the platform to automatically log out if the user is idle for more than the set time in the backend.

Using the ABBC wallet, the investors can trade in BTC exchange up until it grows and can be exchanged in the market with different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. The wallet’s interface is simple and user-friendly with straightforward action-buttons, quick access to common features and commands. All the tools and options can be located easily to ensure a smooth user experience. ABBC wallet uses the power of blockchain technology to give more supply chain management, quality assurance, smart contract transactions, open stock exchange platform and peer to peer global transaction. 

Alibabacoin Foundation works with an aim to reach the smallest of businesses and merchants to be able to transact in the easiest and fastest way possible. They have designed the ABBC wallet to make crypto investments more secure, reliable and faster for the users. By implementing multi-coin support and face recognition along with other advanced features in the wallet, the company overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional crypto wallet. Having a secure and reliable wallet will strengthen the confidence of the users in their own trading.

Alibabacoin foundation is dedicated to working for the causes related to social contributions and donations.

It is also in the process of developing an online shopping and crypto exchange business that will combine all platforms and enable them to use a more efficient payment structure and safer method to store and distribute cryptos.

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