Mars InSightLander, Wall-E and Eve- All towards Mars


Small satellites named Wall-E and EVE are said to accompany the spacecraft which will be launched by NASA to the red planet. These satellites are named after the characters from the animated movie named Wall-E which was released in the year 2008. The spacecraft to Mars is titled Mars InSight lander, and it was launched from California last Sunday that is on the 6th of this month. The lander was launched with both the small satellites named EVER and Wall-E on a rocket named Atlas V. These satellites are the same size as a cereal box of a briefcase. After the rocket took off and reached into the outer space, the twin satellites got detached from the rocket in the upper stage of it. After getting separated, these followed the InSight Mars Lander to the Mars. The launching of these CubeSats that is cube-shaped satellites are said to have traveled through deeper space. These satellites are supposed to move a total of 485 million kilometers that