Video: Small satellites MarCO-A and MarCo-B take pictures of Earth and Moon


A small satellite while going to Mars took some photos of the Earth and the moon. The Mars Cube one satellite which is named as MarCo was launched for its journey to the Mars along with the InSight Lander of NASA on May 5. This satellite took a picture of Earth and the moon on May 9 to prove that its high-gain antenna had started working correctly.

Andy Klesh who is the chief engineer of Marco at the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory which is located in Pasadena in California has said that it was a homage that was paid to Voyager. He further noted that the CubeSats have never traveled such a long distance in space before. So it is a big hurdle that these CubeSats are crossing. The scientists have confirmed that both CubeSats are working correctly and that they are quite confident that the CubeSats will travel even further.

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