Brexit Britain’s Space plans are a huge waste of time


European Union is getting a very big blow as Britain is exiting from the group. This means that its access to the Union Satellite will then change. The fact that they may have very limited access to the satellite has made Britain have some plans of launching their satellite. Don’t take serious the news that the European Union is blocking the UK from having access to Space resource that it did play a huge role In helping its development. There are rumors that the country has already kick-started the process. Well, I want to confirm that that news is fake and they have no official source. Galileo is the European satellite navigation project that was built to rival the American GPS. You have nothing to worry about your Google Maps providing you with inaccurate information. This is because it is not the major civilian Galileo service that is at the center of controversy. That will continue being available to everyone. This included Britain. The problem comes