NASA will send a small robotic helicopter to Earth’s neighbor Mars


After sending a plethora of landers, orbiters, and rovers, NASA is looking to send a tiny robotic helicopter to Mars in 2020. This helicopter will be an autonomous spacecraft having a meter-long rotor whose size will be of a Chihuahua. 

According to the official information given by NASA, this machine will fly in the orbit of Mars 2020 rover. The main motive behind launching this helicopter is testing the technology that requires for flying a rotorcraft about 140 million miles away from the Earth. 

There is an extensive amount of research involving resting & redesigning involved in developing a helicopter having the ability to work on the Red Planet. An interesting thing about Mar’s atmosphere is that it is extremely thin that staying at one place only 10 feet above the ground is same as hovering 100,000 feet above the surface. 

The maximum height at which helicopters operate on Earth is 40,000 as above this altitude there is not adequate density that can hold them.

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