Aircraft Windows and Windshields Market-Key Players are PPG Aerospace, GKN Aerospace, Perkins Aircraft, Saint-Gobain Sully, LP Aero Plastics, Inc.

Aircraft windows and windshields are made of plexiglass that ensure the protection of aircraft interiors from the UV radiations and wind. Furthermore, they also ensure in maintaining the air pressure balance of the aircrafts. The global increase in air travel is one of the major factors driving the market for commercial aircraft windows and windshields market.

The improving economical condition of the global middle class population is leading to the increasing demand for air travel as the cheaper medium to travel over distant places. Moreover, the increasing competition of commercial flight operators is leading to stiff price wars, which is in return driving the demand for air travel. In addition, the increasing fuel prices are creating the need for developing efficient light weight aircrafts with the help of advanced technologies. The increasing demand for air travel is further creating the demand for innovative interiors with enhanced travel experience for the flyers. Furthermore, the ongoing technological developments are leading to the development of windows and windshield with added functionalities such as trajectory predictions, navigation and performance computation among others. These factors are further driving the demand for aircraft windows and windshield market. The rising demand for low cost airlines is leading to companies expanding their global routes. This is in return creating a demand for new aircrafts. The global increase in aircraft orders is driving the market for aircraft windows and windshield market.

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However, the rising fuel price is one of the major factors restraining the demand for aircrafts globally. Furthermore, various transportation options have emerged globally such cruise ships which are hindering the growth for air travel moderately. However, rising concept of air travel in developing regions such as Asia Pacific is expected to surge the demand for new aircrafts in future. This in return will drive the market for aircraft components which includes aircraft windows and windshields.

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