Amphibious Landing Craft, Air Cushion Market -Key Players are Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Company, Almaz Shipbuilding, CNIM, GSL, Griffon Hoverwork Limited, L-3 Communication

Global Amphibious Landing Craft, Air Cushion Market: Overview

The global amphibious landing craft, air cushion market has witnessed phenomenal growth over the past few years owing to the production of advanced landing crafts that have the capability to operate on various types of terrain and are useful in carrying troops and other equipment directly to a war zone without causing any causalities. With the changing demands, the designs of amphibious landing craft, air cushion have undergone several variations. Their designs are largely influenced by the need to meet stringent government conditions.  They are used in military as well as commercial applications.

This research report provides an in-depth analysis of the global amphibious landing craft, air cushion market for the forecast period from 2014 to 2020. It highlights the overview of the drivers, restraints, and growth opportunities for the market. It segments the market on the basis of various criteria including geography and applications. The statistics pertaining to each segment are presented in terms of both volume and value. The report also provides invaluable insights into the competitive landscape of the market. It profiles key players in the market along with their market shares, revenue generation, business strategies, latest developments, and contact information. There is a separate section of recommendations for both existing and new players in the global market.

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Global Amphibious Landing Craft, Air Cushion Market: Drivers and Restraints

The continuous growth in seaborne trades is prompting governments across the world to raise their maritime security budgets, which in turn is working in favor of the growth of the global amphibious landing craft, air cushion market. In addition, the increasing investments by governments in the modernization and replenishment programs of old models is augmenting the market. Moreover, the increasing demand for smaller and faster landing crafts for military applications in regions such as the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia Pacific is fuelling the market.

However, budgetary constraints and strict regulations on arms transfer are negatively impacting the growth of the market. The reduced spending by the U.S. government on the procurement of landing crafts is resulting in decreased revenue generation from military applications. Nevertheless, the growing use of these crafts for commercial purposes in the country is likely to bode well for the growth of the overall market in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, the rising investments by the China government to strengthen its amphibious assault capability are compelling other nations such as Russia, Japan, and India to build theirs, thereby creating ample growth opportunities for the growth of the market.

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