China’s private sector launches the first satellite


One Space is one of the fastest growing private sector players in the space industry for the Chinese Nation. On Thursday this company became the first startup company to launch its rocket. According to the company reports, its 9-meter tall OS-X rocket has lifted off successfully from a base which is located in North West China. The main aim behind this liftoff is to collect the requisite data for the process of initiating the research program which the company is conduction g along with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China which is a state-owned company.

This company was established in the year of 2015, and its working is often compared to that of the SpaceX. However, this comparison is very much welcomed by the owner and the CEO of the company Mr. Shu Chang. In an exclusive interview, the owner very proudly said that the current situation of the company is similar to what the position of SpaceX in its earlier days. He very proudly announced