Radiation Tolerant Motor Drive Market-Key Players are Data Device Corporation, Microsemi Corporation, BEI Kimco, Atmel Corporation, Texas Instruments Incorporated

Radiation tolerant is the property of making a device or system resistant to damage and make a device to tolerate high-energy electromagnetic radiation till the certain limit. The radiation tolerant motor drive provides flexible I/O that allow designs to be used in various applications, and standard logic level inputs to enable design implementation. Also, provides bridge driver coupled with floating current sense for the motor coil, resolver to the digital interface, and bi-level inputs for sensing rotary encoders. It supports motor driver functions along with coil current feedback, and linear position sensing. The features of radiation tolerant motor drive include differential current sensors, sigma delta resolver transformer driver, sense inputs, fault detection, radiation tolerant. Moreover, the motor drive is used for various applications such as servo control, linear actuator servo control, and stepper motor driver. 

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Radiation Tolerant Motor Drive Market: Drivers and Restraints

Radiation tolerant motor drive market is witnessing maximum growth owing to an innovative advance circuit, logic protection with high efficiency to the motor, eliminate shoot-through conditions, and constant output performance. Moreover, it is used for servo-amplifiers & speed controls in various applications, reduces the weight & board area in space satellites, high reliability, provides advanced circuits and logic protection to ensure the fail-safe operation, aids in power management, data converter, interface and high system efficiency are some of the factors that can boost the demand for radiation tolerant motor drive over the forecast period. However, motion control in radioactive environments is a challenge for the design engineer, and the high cost of design & development of radiation tolerant components which may hamper the growth of radiation tolerant motor drive market in near future. 

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