NASA’s space mission to Pluto


In the year 2006, a probe was grown off a rocket from the Cape Canaveral. The probe was named New Horizons. It was carried from a missile which was 224 foot tall. The probe weighed thousand pounds but was tiny. The destination of this spacecraft was Pluto. The mission included the spaceship in traveling a wide distance through space crossing the darkness of space and reaching the farthest planet of the solar system that is Pluto. This is known to be the very first mission to the very last planet of the solar system. This mission which started off in the year 2006 is said to have a final closing and hence is supposed to mark the last probing of the previous planet if the Mike Way.  

In the 1980s, Neptune and Uranus have been visited by Voyager 2 probe. The principal investigator of the mission to visit Pluto is an astrobiologist named Alan Stern. Space has always been a field of interest to Alan.