Chang’e from China made a successful braking maneuver around the moon


The Queqiao Chang’e-4 relay satellite launched by China performed a moon flyby followed by a propulsive maneuver that will slow the satellite and direct it towards the far end of the moon which is its intended destination. The satellite was launched on May 20, from the Xichang Satellite launch center located in the Sichuan Province. The BBAC (Beijing Aerospace Control Centre) gave a confirmation from telemetry about the successful burn of the satellite. The satellite has entered into the transfer orbit towards second Earth-moon Lagrange point. 

The relay satellite passes moon at about a distance of hundred kilometers above the surface at the closest approach. The successful braking maneuver confirmed the flight ahead. A failure would have sent the satellite back to the earth. The satellite was launched with a focus on facilitating the communication between earth, lander, and rover, which will be sent by China to the far end of the moon by the end of this year. The satellite is carrying Netherlands-China low-frequency explorer