A data collected from NASA’s Dawn mission suggests that organic material may be present on Ceres in abundance


Recently scientists have concluded that there may be an abundant amount of organic material present on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres. A significant data collected from NASA was studied to conclude this.

Last year an announcement was made by science daily report that organic material is found on the surface of Ceres. Later Brown University conducted thorough research on data collected from NASA’s Dawn mission. While researching, researchers learned that now there is an even more organic compound in the form carbon present there. The new research will now tell about how this material starts accumulating there.

Scientist very soon made it clear that although on Ceres organic material is found it does not imply that there is a possibility of the existence of life there. As till now, it is not certain through which process this material is coming on its surface. It may be possible that it is coming from some non-biological process.

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