7 Useful Productivity Apps for Telecommuters

Picture a casual talk taking place in the mid 70’s between, say, two old friends who hadn’t seen each other for about a decade. The two are sharing what’s been going on in their lives that are centered in the heyday of the post-hippie industrial world. One is telling the other that he’s been working for a marketing company remotely and therefore he can be called a telecommuter. Are you picturing all that? 

Now imagine the reaction of the other interlocutor. Really? How could anyone work remotely in the society where the newest and the coolest technological breakthrough that could be offered was a remote control for a TV-set? Pretty puzzling, to say the least of it, right? 

Things change incessantly and inevitably. Now that the modern informational technologies have drastically changed the conventional concepts and ways of completing work, no one is going to be baffled after they’ve heard that telecommuter is someone who works remotely. Nowadays, working on a freelance basis, i.e. telecommuting is quite a widely spread phenomenon which gained such a popularity among workers all over the world mainly due to its being beneficially innovative and time-saving.

Telecommuting allows people to make money out of their professional talent and skills just sitting or lying right on their couches and beds. But as each innovation, this one has some cons, too. For instance, there are many distractions a telecommuter can stumble on while working in-house, like feeding a cat, going to the kitchen for a snack or a sudden need to watch a movie. Or some people may just sometimes need a boost to keep working effectively and productively. Hence, some look for sources of motivation and productivity apps that will help them produce greater outcomes while working at home. 

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  1. iScanner


Are you bothered with sorting out your documents and having to keep them in order all the time? It’s high time you followed modern trends! With iScanner at your services, all you need to do is take a picture of a doc and see how this app instantly turns it into a PDF file. The iScanner app frees you from the annoying paper mess on your desk as well as any trouble finding the doc you need. From now on, you can keep all your important paper stuff right on your smartphone instead of getting lost in loft piles of documents.

iScanner for iOS

iScanner for Android

2. Orderly


If you are stuck with evaluating your agenda items and can’t get your head around what to tackle first, Orderly is here to do this for you. This app enables you to increase your productivity by trimming all your tasks and ranking them so that you can set your priorities right and complete the work by starting with the most important things. 

Orderly for iOS

Orderly for Android

3. Clear Focus


This app utilizes the Pomodoro technique which divides the tasks you need to perform into 25-minute increments and swings from work to breaks. This enables you to greatly enhance your productivity by embedding small breaks in your work schedule. Breaks will give you some time to regain inspiration and concentration.

Clear Focus for iOS

Clear Focus for Android

4. Wunderlist


It’s a perfect app for making to-do lists and scheduling your work in order to achieve far better results. Here you can set reminders, due dates and other tools that will amplify your work by organizing the process. Moreover, Wunderlist lets you share your lists with others as well as attach photos and docs. You might say: “I’m fully capable of brilliantly carrying out the projects without any schedules or reminders”. But never underestimate the value of additional tips aimed at improving the outcomes of your work. Be proficient and self-disciplined as you are, consecutive planning and organizing your work will only do better. 

Wunderlist for iOS

Wunderlist for Android

5. Tasker


This application’s main advantage is automating your smartphone functions for you to concentrate on your work. The app’s logic is very simple: when you want to call your beloved one, Tasker makes your phone smart enough to do this for you. Or when you tell your phone to save a document, it does this with no effort. After adding Tasker to your app list, you get a friend with artificial intelligence who will never let you down when it comes to everyday tasks.

Tasker for iOS

Tasker for Android

6. Pocket


Does working as a telecommuter prevent you from enjoying a good piece of reading? The Pocket App is a great choice for those passionate about reading. Now you are not going to look over a cool article you found on Twitter or Facebook as it will get right to your Pocket. To add more, all your saved articles are available offline. This works with videos, too. Never miss any latest and brightest articles on the web with Pocket!

Pocket for iOS 

Pocket for Android 

7. Freedom


The Internet has the abundance of information and entertainment to offer. You may find it very beneficial only up to the point where it distracts you from work. You can’t prevent yourself from involuntary thoughts and interests popping up in your head while working. Neither can Freedom. But what it can do is free you from various distractions through blocking the web so that you can’t use it for any purposes other than those related to your work. Therefore, you get controlled web addiction and a bright mind you can implement in your work process.  

Freedom for iOS

Freedom for Android

Wrapping Up

Now picture yourself telling your old friend that you are struggling very hard to telecommute productively. There are no sources of inspiration, you are exhausted with working at home and have no idea how you are going to proceed. Do you really believe that all this can be true now that you are more than perfectly proficient with these mind-blowing apps? 

All you have to do is pick the ones that resonate with your working habits as well as your peculiar personality traits and make the best use of them that is possible. Of course, there is hardly any mobile app that can do your work instead of you, but the apps mentioned above can make the things easier.